Air Pollution in Berlin

During summer 2021 we were exploring the air pollution in Berlin as part of some summer development work on sonification techniques with the Enviro Bike. All of the air pollution data is collected on each ride, here are a few of the visualisations we’ve created during this process. Full data is available below.

Air Pollution on all rides

What we found through Enviro Biking in Berlin

That the air pollution in certain parts of the city is really bad. A reading over 250 was captured on one ride and the EU consider an average of 25 to be dangerous. Wedding (the area around the Bircrophonic studio) area was worst, with the Saatwinkler Damm canal and south to Mitte having much lower levels.

The large Tiergarten park  didn’t provide much shelter from PM2.5, where high levels were still experienced.

Data download and notes

Download: berlin-air-pollution-data [1.3mb]

Notes: Our visualisations depict the PM2.5 levels only.

The ‘EU Target’ shown above is an annual average, while our PM2.5 data shows actual, not averaged figures.

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