Bicrophonic projects have been commissioned around the world, in cities, islands, parks and seasides with arts and music festivals. New compositions are created for each project maybe working with local residents, children, professional musicians, but always always using the sounds and unique contexts every situation brings. Outcome -> new ways to experience place that also invites unexpected listening.


Human Commodity – Ware Mensch (2022)
Looking beyond some Berlin facades, Germany.



No landing (2022)
Tiny streets, by river to forest, local life sonimated, Coimbra, Portugal.


twenty two twenty two (2022)
Float horizontal, body vibrating with bagpipes. The Hague, NL.


The weather is present (2021)
Sonic fragments changing in dialogue with the weather. Denmark.


no scent or colour (2021)
Air pollution made audible by invisible future humans. Middlesbrough.



one river six tunnels (2020)
Ancient modern bridges, tunnels resonate Nürnberg today. Germany.

Enviro bike at Lisboa Soa

The launch of Enviro Bike (2020)
Our latest invention. Hear air pollution sonified as you ride. Portugal.


The Ring in the Piggy-Wig’s Nose (2020)
Ancient songs play in today’s streets. N Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.



To find a white bear (2019)
Bursting the Bruges bubble on cobble stones. Belgium.


Ispod fontana (2019)
Young women’s thoughts on life in Zagreb today. Croatia.


On golden hares (2018)
Look up. You just might hear something, Magdeburg. Germany.


Ya slip ta bang (2017)
Poverty addiction tie-in. Spoken word. Playing through Dublin. Ireland.

the wall line

lean to go up, slow to go loud (2016)
Exploring freedom, celebrating escape, on new sensory bikes. Berlin.


The birth of the Sonic Kayak (2016)
Underwater explorations & citizen science, paddle by paddle. England


Sound Cycle Garden (2016)
Pieces for bikes and plants, new bicrophonic artists, new sensory bike. Berlin


Animals March (2015)
A herd of sonic animals stampeding to the Climate March London. England.


The Summer Pedalling Games (2015)
A weekend of park play from nine new bicrophonic artists. England.


The Coventry Pedalling Games (2015)
A game for shoppers in the concrete city square of Coventry. England.


Pedalling SeaSides (2015)
From the coast for the coast for seaside holidaymakers. Holland.


Finding Song Home (2015)
Birthrights & free movement questioned on Brussels’ streets. Belgium.


2nd Ward | 2° Barrio (2014)
Daily lives & local journeys across Houston’s Mexican ward. America.


The Pedalling Games (2014)
Urban park games of interactivity and shared bicrophonics. England.

zu Bong

zu Bong (2014)
City life, changing sonic architecture for rediscovery. Germany.

Opera fiXi

Opera fiXi (2013)
A riverside opera of mermen, fishergirls, love and pollution. Portugal.

The Marja trio

The Marja trio (2013)
Frozen songs for two, pitched with the frequency of the mast’s hums. Finland

Swamp that Was

The swamp that was… (2013)
Resonant history from below, sonic archeology traced. Belgium.


The Marvelo Project (2008)
Post port narratives of seaside children’s sounds. England.

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