Buzz Bike

A new design of the Sonic Bike made for multiple humans – one to pedal and some or one to lie in its vibrating wooden box as you glide through streets and byways, the music spinning and vibrating through and around you as the sky slides by.

Buzz Bike (2018)

Kaffe Matthews & David Moorcroft at the Wheel Ways launch, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, 2018. Photos by Andy Moor.

Like all our Sonic Bikes this music will change depending on where the cyclist rides due to our GPS bike mounted tracking system. However, Buzz Bike extends this adventure through multiple audio channels and bass transducers mounted across the bike and box.  The aim is to give music to the cyclist and the passengers, not just through their ears but also through their bodies. Buzz Bike also enables non-cyclists to ride and experience sonic cycling without ever needing to push a pedal.

Buzz Bike was designed and built by Kaffe and the BRI in collaboration with Nick Martin, Imagineer Technologies, produced and commissioned by Imagineer Productions for the Coventry Sonic Bike Opera, 2021. It was launched at Wheel Ways, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in September 2018 and was developed after the success of The Coventry Pedalling Games 2016 and the design of the first ever Sonic Trike.

How it works:

Buzz Bike´s music plays from four mounted speakers, two at the front of the cargo box and two at the back, surrounding the passenger and playing to the cyclist.

The new vibratory aspect is created through four transducers. Two under the cargo box beneath the legs and butt of the passenger, the third on the sloping back and the fourth under the seat of the cyclist. The box’s base is built with 18mm marine ply and the sides with 12mm, screwed and glued so that it’s wooden surfaces sympathetically vibrate with the music and do not rattle.

Its immersive music plays and changes dependent on where the bike is ridden and what sounds have been mapped there using our bespoke GPS system. Find out more about this system HERE.


The design

The current design uses the same core hardware kit as on the sonic bike design, but adds on additional transducers, speakers and relevant powering to make an 8 channel, vibrating sonic experience for all of the riders and passengers aboard.

8 Channel Audio Configuration:




Bike Design:

The bike frame is a custom design made of three bicycle cut and welded together to create a reverse tricycle base, that the cargo box (aka the acoustic chamber) sits upon.


The handlebars are attached to the side of the cargo box, giving a unique new type of steering.

And yes she’s easy to ride and turns on a pin head.


Read the full making of Buzz Bike in the blog #buzz-bike

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