three sonic bikes lined up in the street ready to goON NOW No landing - invites floating through space listening. A new sonic bike composition made for Coimbra 16.07 - 4.09.22. Dar a Ouvir: City Soundscapes, Portugal.

Music made by the journey you take that changes with the places you ride through.

From the cleanest of air to occasional extreme spikes of air pollution wafting through the town centre, Enviro Bike (the new version) provides a super chilled sonic ride with occasional moments of terror. COME INVESTIGATE !

air pollution traces mapped across Middlesbrough city centre

commissioned around the world, in cities, islands, parks and seasides with arts and music festivals


The weather is present (2021)
Sonic fragments changing in dialogue with the weather. Denmark.


no scent or colour (2021)
Air pollution made audible by invisible future humans. Middlesbrough.


one river six tunnels (2020)
Ancient modern bridges, tunnels resonate. Nürnberg today. Germany.

is a musical instrument, a portable stage, a game player, a doorway to listening & looking that creates good health

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