Bicrophonics is about the mobility of sound and music, experienced and shared within a moving space, free of headphones and free of the internet. It was first explored through Matthews’ early experiments with the Radio Cycle project 2002 which inspired the making of the first Sonic Bike in The Marvelo Project (2008). READ MORE about the birth of bicrophonics…

We at the Bicrophonic Research Institute (BRI) are exploring and developing this practice of bicrophonics. We work collectively to make place linked mobile sound and music performances, through the making, design and development of Sonic Bikes, Sensory Bikes and Buzz Bikes on land, and Sonic Kayaks on water.

We work with an open door policy, using open source software applications to make mobile and adaptable kits, all information of which we share online. We also run a variety of WORKSHOPS and LAB DAYS, inviting the most inspiring interdisciplinary expertise to come share and develop bicrophonics with all participants. We welcome contributions from anyone interested.

The Sonic Bike can be many things – a musical instrument, a portable stage, a game player, a doorway to listening and looking that creates good health, creating unique experience at every moment.



Environmental Bike

The next phase of sonic cycling – bikes that are responsive to the environment using air quality sensors. Making audible the particulate matter (PM2.5) we breathe through live sonification as you ride, at the same time gathering air quality data to be uploaded to open databases.


Sonic Kayaks

Made by FoAM-Kernow, a development of the Sonic Bike with underwater and air sensors. Generating music live from the marine world, enabling citizens to gather climate data and contribute to scientific research.


How we work

Bicrophonics research and development has taken shape through collaborative learning in our workshops, experiments in the lab, and by teaching in universities.

Making Lab

Bicrophonics development including interaction development, hardware design and more.



Exploring and developing sonic cycling in workshops, hacklabs and groups.


Edgard Varèse Guest Professor

Teaching the practice of bicrophonics and making our first Sensory Bike with students @TUBerlin.

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