Animals March (2015)

Animals March was a sonic bike ride made by a group of London bicrophonic artists as a response to the Peoples March for Climate Justice and Jobs, London, November 29th 2015.

Two hours before the march left Hyde park, 10 sonic bikes roared, squawked, chirruped, growled, purred,  peeped, howled and clattered their way west from Hackney along Oxford St, ridden and accompanied by animal masked riders from the BRI studio. Calling out to other cyclists and passers-by, the riders made a big shout out to central London’s distracted christmas shoppers, inviting them to join the Climate March.

‘Animals March’ arrived at Hyde Park just as the Climate March began, joining the 70,000 marching for climate action, justice and jobs in advance of COP21 Paris.

Riders: Ana, Andy, Artur, Debbie, Fran, Hannah, Ian, Jerome, Kaffe, Lisa, Lou, Stephen & Ted

Orchestrated by bicrophonics group: Artur, Hannah, Kaffe, Lisa & Stephen

Sounds by: Artur, Hannah, Kaffe, Lisa, Michael, Paula, Stephen, Els VIane, Chris Watson, British Library, Miguel A. Garcia.

Photography: Ted Giles


PROJECT BLOG  –  how we made Animals March

FACEBOOK EVENT – for more pictures and messages.

CLIMATE LINKS – Campaign Against Climate ChangeThe People’s March facebook event and COP21 Paris


Map Key

Order of mapped zones and corresponding sound files that played when cycling East to West:

  1. NightingaleSong (loop) from BRI studio, across London Fields and on surrounding roads.
  2. LongEaredOwlHoots (loop) top half of London Fields’ cycle path
  3. RobinSong (loop) bottom half of London Fields’ cycle path
  4. Horse (loop) down Broadway Market
  5. GrasshopperWarblerSong (loop) from the end of Broadway market, along Goldsmith’s Row (plays as top HF drone. pi2 transforms!)
  6. geeseFly (one shot) flies over the Regents canal bridge
  7. DaubentonBat (loop) along Goldsmith’s Row.
  8. Barnyard (loop) past Hackney City Farm, along Hackney Road
  9. Turkeys (loop) layersunder, around the bend in Hackney Road
  10. Exoticbirds + gibbon (loop) end of Hackney road and across Shoreditch High St junction
  11. badgercubs (loop) Old St road, leading to the roundabout
  12. allBATS (loop) over Old Street Roundabout and along Old St
  13. Cheetahhyena (loop) joins along Old Street to Goswell Rd
  14. cataluniafrogs2 (loop) follows on along Clerkenwell Road over Farringdon Rd junction
  15. TinkerBird (loop) takes over along Clerkenwell Road to Greys Inn Road
  16. CorncrakeSong (loop) joining Tinkerbird along Clerkenwell up to Greys Inn Road
  17. hippo (loop) bellows over the junction
  18. redfox1 (loop) takes over along Theobalds Road to junction
  19. DuckFLy (one shot) over the Holborn Junction
  20. DuckFLy2 (one shot) and again over Holborn Junction
  21. Horse2
 (loop) along Bloomsbury Way to Bedford Sq
  22. Starling (loop) on the end of Bloomsbury Way, arriving at Tottenham Court one way
  23. CockCrows3Times (one shot) marking Centre Point at Tottenham Court Road
  24. bees (loop) takes over from starling, then along Oxford Street to Regents Street junction
  25. chimps (loop) from Oxford Circus, over Regents Street, along Oxford St to Bond Street Junction
  26. Hyena (loop) takes over from bees from Bond Street Junction to Selfridges
  27. wolfhowling (loop) joining hyena at Bond Street Junction along Oxford St to Hyde Park
  28. GrasshopperWarblerSong2 (loop) across Hyde Park, over Park Lane
  29. random (loop) plays either lion roaring or cat purring along Park Lane to Hyde Park Corner
OxfordSt9 YES

Images by teddave.

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