Launch night – Enviro Bikes meet Sonic Sweepers

 In 2021, Environmental Bike, Middlesbrough, No scent or colour

The storage container -our Enviro Bike HQ- finally arrives in Centre Sqaure. The generator gets set up.  We continue to chart the weather each day mapping environmental changes against the pollution we hear. Vapers make the sensors go wild (what is in those things?!?!?) and we find a regular extraction vent by Turkish restaurant on Linthorp Road that gives consistently high readings.

The work draws to completion and each Enviro Bike gets loaded up with the final sound works and cycled off one-by-one to the gallery for the Sonic Arts Week opening night.

Our 6 Enviro Bikes sit poised at the ready for riders in the gallery beeping away together with low levels of pollution. But when the Sonic Sweepers come into the room brushing dust around the gallery, all 6 bikes start playing out loud ‘big rain’ causing a pollution racket inside this small room.

Throughout the night riders wobble off into the distance beeping away and return with stories of clean air and pollution spikes from passing things.

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