Here in the midst of Brussels city

 In 2015, Brussels, Finding Song Home, La Monnaie, Q-O2

Out for an evening ride with Duncan and Hans. We’ve known each other for years and I guide them through my favourite routes which of course still surprise especially with our 4 bikes passing and hovering each other at different speeds. Cool also to hear how Linus, Ada, Nancy and Alexander each respond slightly differently to GPS info combined with street specific variables. As our Brussels bikes now use Raspberry Pi2’s which have twice the memory, although I’ve cut file sizes for Beagleboard performance, I’m pushing our ‘swamp’ system which still performs as reliably as GPS fluctuations allow. Especially here in the midst of Brussels city where we start our ride circling around the fountains splashing before floating off collectively donging through streets, trees and the canal beyond. (Images: Hans Van den Broeck)

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