Monday 18th July

Speed sensor on dynamo changing pitch, and break sensor stepping through sound of Ubahn train transformed through Pd on RPi2 made by Marcus Zepp. Yes, the new Berlin sonic bikes are inspiring the [...]


Finding Song Home: June FINAL MONTH 

OPEN to ride now till end of June 2016 Brussels. FREE.  WHERE? Finding Song Home is mapped between the central streets of Brussels and the Moroccan neighbourhood of Molenbeek. It was made with [...]


Can technology enable new work that is accessible to audiences of any age, ability, demagogue or location?

I’m in Bristol to present Finding Song Home at RESEO Digital Keys conference. We’re considering how and whether technology can enable the making of new work that is accessible to wider audiences [...]


Sonic Bikes at Digital Keys Conference: March

11th March:  Come and join us at Digital Keys in Bristol  – Kaffe will be presenting Finding Song Home, our sonic bike opera now showing in Brussels, and discussing how sonic biking turns [...]


visit ‘Finding Song Home’

Kaffe stays in Brussels to visit Finding Song Home (2015). This video is a ride she shot from a yellow #sonic bike in May. The yellow bikes are all now back in London. Kaffe stays now to film [...]


Finding Song Home news –

News through from Brussels that Finding Song Home and sonic bikes going well despite unfriendly weather. Above, Red Bike posing at the opera house, one of the eight new sonic bikes built for [...]

Wish I was pedalling too!

News through from Rika that the women at de Vaartkapoen had such a good ride last week that they’re off to do more. Wish I was pedalling too! This was us last week (Image: de Vaartkapoen)

Here in the midst of Brussels city

Out for an evening ride with Duncan and Hans. We’ve known each other for years and I guide them through my favourite routes which of course still surprise especially with our 4 bikes passing and [...]

Great to see everyone

9.30am at La Maison to meet Louiza, Rasmia, Fatiha, Souad, Fatima and Rika who are taking the bikes out to find their voices on the streets. Yes they’ve got clues! …… and again, great to see everyone.

Kids sonic bikes are a hit!

Kids sonic bikes are a hit! check the great cyclo minirig speaker install too. This design could work on adults bikes too but we’ll definitely the subwoofer. Under the seat of course…