Kijkduinis sci-fi atmospheric

 In 2015, den Haag, iii, Pedalling SeaSides

den Haag is a veritable utopia for cycling. Pink paths stride wide on highways, curl behind houses and canals, past parks and water and children’s playgrounds of brightly coloured sculptures for play. Kijkduinis sci-fi atmospheric and strangely colourless. Dull beige brick blocked in handsome flats on grey with repetitive shops and cafés and a line of seafront places for eating. The wind and vistas to sea and sky over wide sandy beaches are sublime. We will have a shop for the sonic bikes in the heart of this from 1st July. Until then I have a studio at locatieZ, nestled behind in the trees. A smooth 30min ride from city centre and stunningly quiet. Lee transports and Marjorie is seaside researcher. We’ve been here since Sunday and Pedalling SeaSides is truly on the way. Commissioned by iiinitiave we open Saturday 4th July and run to 2nd August.


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