the SeaSide score

 In 2015, iii, Pedalling SeaSides

PedallingSeasidesScore2015 So this is inside the map score that I’ve made here. The different coloured zones are linked to different audio files so that cycling through each one calls up the file of that name. Notice the numbers of layers. Also some zones will trigger a zone just to play when you are in it and some will trigger it to play even when you have left. This is the basic system Dave completed in 2012 for the Swamp that was. Our shop, ie where you can pick up the bikes, is just south of the centre of zones. Locally you’d say that the piece runs from Duindorp down to the Sand Engine. The Sand Engine is a brilliant work of coastal engineering built for its protection as well as a place that attracts quantities of kite surfers. It also provides glistening vistas of sea and sky across the dunes with the Hook of Holland’s machines silhouetted black on the far and smoky horizon.

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