sonic trike_Cov is made

 In 2015, Coventry, Imagineer, The Coventry Pedalling Games

2nd AugDay Six. The wonderful Nick Martin of Imagineer Technologies delivers kids sonic trike_Cov. Not only does it work but his silent development of its form and function is the thing your dreams are made of. We’d agreed to use minirig speakers which he fits perfectly inside cutlery holders with cropped top, (note also their harmonization of the trike’s style) and with no amp equating smaller box, he installs the lightweight system inside a waterproof frame mounting box with transparent lid. Electronic system therefore revealed and demystified with the added bonus of making night time riding fun with system’s flashing lights. Another contribution is an alarm which displays via LED the voltage that the lithium battery is delivering and will sound as soon as that voltage drops. Also yes a necessity as we don’t yet know how long these batts will last under #bicrophonic demands. Meanwhile, Dan is at London_Lab and will return with a minirig sub to add to the mix. Finally too the sun shines. Sunday #bicrophonics roll.

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