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The #sonic #bikes are outside, the wonderful Bill Gee is in town to oversee production help and Kaffe and bikeman Dan put finishing touches to the team. 8 of the yellow bikes now carry raspberry pi2’s with random folder and pitch change in zones implemented, trike and lab bike are also pi-ed leaving Alessandro and William on swamp Beagleboard system. Rather than a piece of 3 parts spread amongst bikes, I’ve made one map of as many layered and tiny zones the GPS will allow the bike to pick up when going at a cycleable but slow speed. Many of the zones play different sounds when you re-enter them. Go too fast and the lag between triggers increases making a trail of sounds that follow you until you slow. It’s super fun and like learning a new instrument to ride and to make. Of course, the making of this piece has been the super learning a new instrument. The site, the people, the chewing and spitting of the ideas until the honed piece evolves. The regular square skater kids have really got onboard too. Opening 11am tomorrow.

6th AUg

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