the first #bicrophonics workshop

 In 2015, Development, The Summer Pedalling Games


This weekend we are running our first #bicrophonics workshop for ten selected artists and composers after a May BRI call out with generous response. More than interesting for Kaffe to be finally sharing the practice she has been developing in different countries for 3 years with other creatives. Cov Games was the 10th sonic bike work she has made since building the #sonic #bike team with Dave foAm and timelab, 2012. Now, not only can ‪#‎bicrophonics‬ get rolling in London but each artist is composing for their own bike with their own map. the BRI has taken another stride by developing a many user same time mapper system with Francesca foAm Kernow.

10 sonic bikes 10 new works ~ The Summer Pedalling Games on the way, showing London Fields Sept 5-6th.

Please follow PROGRESS and EVENT details.

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