bicrophonic artists gather & ride through Hackney

 In 2015, Development, The Summer Pedalling Games


Nine #bicrophonic artists have gathered to ride the Summer Pedalling Games pieces we didn’t have time to ride in September as the bikes were in continuous demand from passing public. Now a month later it’s excellent to gather and revisit the work. En masse we begin by riding ‘On the Night Air’ by Julian Weaver. It’s a 6 mile tour of London’s first air raid and including extra happy riders we’re quite a tribe. The response is fascinating. Traffic stops, people stop, dogs stop – all staring at this troupe of yellow bikes pouring past them, riding and playing and grinning and weeping at this powerful in effect anti-war work. Yes, its the first time we’ve heard the piece too. The #bicrophonic artists are being #bicrophonic audience. An important part of the #bicrophonic learning process we see.

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