Bicrophonic action at The Peoples Climate March

 In 2015, Animals March, London


The London bicrophonic artists gather to discuss our action for the Peoples Climate March on 29th. We want to contribute by riding the 12 sonic bikes en masse and we discuss the variety of content they could play. Environmental sounds, disasters?, international protest songs, write own songs, slogans, horns, extreme noise, animals voices, statistics, data pounding out in rhythmic reams. We acknowledge that marches are slow and are for walking and pushing the sonic bikes will not be ideal. Also our sound will not be mapped but we’ll play it from mp3 players so we can be live and respond to march events. Good discussion though distills these ideas into something much more focused and quite independent. We’ll make our own action before the march. Spread the news of its happening to central London shoppers. We’ll make a mapped piece that we ride west from the BRI studio, Hackney, through Shoreditch, Old St, along Clerkenwell Rd and Oxford St, all the way to Park Lane and Hyde Park where the march begins. And our sonic content will be animals voices. Howling, tweeting, buzzing, chirruping, honking, squawking, flapping, roaring, clicking, barking, stomping and more. And we’ll make and where animal masks. Sculptural, white, silent.

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