More gibbons at Shoreditch cross, less red fox on Oxford St

 In 2015, Animals March, London


Late Saturday. It’s been more work than we anticipated. Hannah and Kaffe go testing the route of sounds we’ve mapped. We need more gibbons at Shoreditch cross, less red fox on Oxford St, more chimp at Oxford Circus, no they’re not scary, they’re brilliant, especially layered with the bees, more wolf past Selfridges and lets add the hyenas in here too.  The badger cubs go on bit, the varieties of bats at Old St roundabout are awesome. There’re two zones where a high frequency drone phases in. It’s pretty powerful, great. What is it? and where are the horses down Broadway Market?  We return to the studio to find the final masks completed and make the edits. As suspected, the hf noise drones are the Pi2’s audio card not being able to handle the details of sonic variety within the voices of insects. (Voices? ->wings/legs/bodies rubbing…).  We decide anyway that this fantastic by product is to be the sound all the bikes will play on arrival at Hyde Park and the start of the march, the wolves and hyenas howling in chorus as we arrive. We’re ready.

ready to roll

NOTES: Wintercroft masks are fab but we’ve not been fast to make them. TIPS: Use spray mount to glue paper stencil to card. Use glue dots to connect the different sections. Other systems messy/not strong enough/slow.

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