moisture and cut off

 In 2015, Development, Long bike rides, time to cycle

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.56.47Day 4 and we’re riding Rouen to Freneuse in cold sunshine. Joy. Yesterday had also filled the mini rig speakers with rain as bike had been put outside while it poured during breakfast. It’s the 1st time Kaffe has seen such rain filled speaker cones. However, a night on the radiator in Rouen and today they sound sharper and cleaner than ever with all cut offs and glitches that had been intermittently causing trouble since day 1 gone. We realise that the system had probably got wet that first dawn ride across London.  Leçon no.17. Watch out for moisture & dry sockets & jacks b4 connections always. (memories of ‘technology outside no.1’ the bush with Alan Lamb, 1998 flash)

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