why we came

 In 2015, Development, Long bike rides, time to cycle

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 17.18.50 It’s 15˚C, 10.30am and hundreds of us have gathered across the Seine from the Eiffel tower to ride to and circulate the Arc de Triomphe. We’re exhausted but energy is higher than ever. We’re also joined by a group of Spanish cyclists who’ve been riding for a month to be here – and a posse of French. We’re all carrying or wearing as much red as we can as we ride to join the Red Lines action. Now to take this energy into real action beyond this extraordinary week.

We weren’t sure why we came but now it’s clear. Now we see bikes as the only independent but assisted way to travel in cities. Kaffe decides to no longer take a car or taxi on distances under 25 miles if time allows. We also agree that cycling activism has to become a core of #bicrophonic activities.


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