Animals March THANKYOU

 In 2015, Animals March, London


Thanks to everyone who was involved!

As hares, wolves, a stag, a fish, jaguars, unicorns, a moose and a dragon we rode on sonic bikes from Hackney east through Oxford St’s Xmas shoppers to Hyde Park – cheeping, roaring, purring, howling, flapping, squawking, singing all the way.

Flying as bats over Old St roundabout, clicking insects, horses clopping along Bloomsbury Way, shrieking chimps at Oxford Circus, hyenas yelping in duo with howling wolves, cocks a-crowing, foxes barking and ducks a-flying we called out to the bemused shoppers.

The animals were let loose across London and their amplified voices echoing in support of the Climate March. Change the system not the climate

Read more on the Animals March page.

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