The conundrums of converting voltage

 In 2016, Development, London

I’m back at raylab to learn about and make a power convertor for the latest BRI small sonic bike kit box (v3). We’re using lipo batteries but we still need to convert their 11.1V to 5V to run the Raspberry Pi2. This conversion is more complicated than the lead acid battery convertors used so far as they don’t handle a so-called “deep discharge” well. This means a more advanced power convertor that will shut off the battery when it reaches a certain voltage.  Also, we need to consider how to charge the lipos, e.g. should they remain inside the box and are charged thru a connector? Or do you take them out and use an off-the-shelf charger? Alexei has many answers to these things and would prefer to build it rather than buy an off the shelf module which is why I’m here. Good to see it from the guts up. However, there are several parts involved and much online choice, each one needing careful tech study. It turns into a six hour shopping extravaganza (Yes Farnells site also shuts down for maintenance at the point of purchase). I had no idea this would be so complicated or take so long..

Memories of our 1st sonic bike adventures, Marvelo Project 2008 come flooding back.  This was where we made them.

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