The new sonic bike kit box v.3

 In 2016, Development, FoAM, London, Sonic Kayaks

So here we have a sonic bike kit box v.3 with the new power convertor built and installed into this IP65 box which is pretty waterproof when its lid is screwed in place. Raspberry Pi2 top left, GPS receiver bottom right, lipo battery packed in underneath. It can be screwed onto the frame of a bike or strapped across a kayak. We’ve made it now so that it can be tested with the Sonic Kayak hacklab with FoAM Kernow next week and come to Berlin with me in April. minirig speakers sit in the frame made for sonic trike. Not sure that this will be accurate fit for kayak or whether a frame will be necessary. Also the minirigs will need to be waterproofed (wrapped in plastic at this stage..). however, its a solid piece of kit to work with plus it functions. Shocking though how long this small convertor took to build then pack in the box inc necessary holes for cables and on/off switch. 8 hours. And that was continuous labour.


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