Sonic kayak map could make spaces 4 listening on water 2 water. Hull vibrations? No good 4 water life..bah

 In 2016, Cornwall, FoAM, Kayak workshop, Sonic Kayaks

We’re inspired from yesterday’s action and deem to get on the water with 2 kayaks including a sub woofer. Hull vibrations? Today we also have a touring kayak which gives access to the inside of its hull through a watertight cover. The sonic bike box and sub therefore can go inside and we strap the pair of minirigs on top


Dave and I also sit down with the code and reflect on yesterday’s discoveries. The role of the map has completely altered. Having come from the essentially urban nature of sonic cycling, where the cyclist’s route is determined by streets and compositions can reflect/counterpoint changing social and physical architectures, the reality on water is very different. The paddler is affected by tides and currents and other river users, which follow daily patterns with a sense of continuous flow, but the history and meaning and sensation of space has little comparison. And of course we’re on water. Continuing yesterday’s thoughts, we look at Dave’s Pd patches and think about the map as a set of instructions across the water rather than a series of sounds triggered to play in different zones.  This Pd patch enables different synthesis of sounds in different zones.  Considering yesterday’s idea that each kayak would be equipped with a hydrophone,  we could also add in instructions that would fade out other sounds in a new zone, use double stranded data streams such as turbidity to control filters, also with zones where nothing sounded at all.


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