redefine/ articulate/ pervert space

 In 2016, Berlin, Professorship, TU

‘ Imagine a bird’s eye view of East London. Imagine the shifting sound map that ebbs and flows with the passage of the day. Imagine a music that infiltrates that. Not just through several homes tuning into the same radio station at the same time, or a host of folk all being into the same cd at the same time. No.  Imagine that piece playing from 50 small speakers, all moving through the streets in choreographed routes, individually, in small groups or together. Quietly infiltrating the everyday noise of the city, like spiders, all in unison, maybe unnoticed, maybe coming together at some street corner to play some weird music or hear a story.  Imagine that those sound pieces are made by you. ‘       Radio Cycle.KM. June 2003.

I’m digging far back into the past and revisiting the ideas and materials I was working with back in 2003. This was the view from my Andrews Rd Studio and the building on top of which we installed our radio antenna to run Radio Cycle 101.4FM. It was a boiling hot summer and our station ran 24/7 for 10 days, with free sound making workshops, locals coming to broadcast news, beliefs, music, stories, discussions on networks and radio waves, songs, gaming and compositions for streets nearby.

Incredibly, I’ve just discovered that all along,  I’ve simply been attempting to redefine/ articulate /transform experiences of ?/pervert space all along. It’s that simple. Even tracks on cd Eb and Flo (and don’t listen to it on laptop speakers!) reveal that. This period in Berlin has just revealed itself to have arrived at the perfect moment.

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