Lecture 1. The background to bicrophonics.

 In 2016, Berlin, TU

10am. Studio 1.  I have arrived at the Audio Communications Group, 3rd floor, TU Berlin and have the delight to meet and present to students in this 8 channel space of sonic precision.

Lecture 1. The background to bicrophonics.
Through my preparation to design and teach this course, I have sat down and revisited my practice from the very beginning. Where did all this come from? It’s now not just about needing to make new music live. It’s about space, and a fascination with it gathered from an ever growing understanding about the power of the space in which we live to influence, even determine our lives from many aspects. It is this subtle, sublime force, that has led me to an enquiry that is still, after all these years, exploring the same thing.  I have a fascination in articulating space.

[ ~ articulation.. the act of speaking or expressing an idea in words ~]

What does articulate space actually mean? To talk about space? To re-identify what is space? To express it through a series of sounds? No, I’m using this term by taking sound through it. And in some way or another, I have been doing this for around 26 years. Curious to transform it.

Air as medium, material, subtle intervention. Listening. Community radio, London 1990’s, net art, public art, live streaming, open source, free workshops. Yes, I begin with the violin, intimate vibrations under chin, physicality in music appreciation and making as a child. Later, sonic world explodes through electronics, samples, late 80’s acid house music. A five year adventure with a midi violin in York then Devon then STEIM, LiSa discovery, co-design, hitting London solo and the freelance world. Off the stage, small live shows worldwide, 6 solo CDs and a growing desire to widen audiences. Moving sounds through space shifted from the concert hall to the streets.  Radio. Air as medium became material. Radio Cycle.The Marvelo Project, five years later providing precision in space through GPS accuracy. No. Not an app. Free of the internet.. Streets as scores. Bicrophonics is born

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