Lecture 2. The birth of bicrophonics.

 In 2016, Berlin, TU

10am. Studio 1. Audio Communications Group, 3rd floor, TU Berlin. This morning my ride west from Simon-Dach Strasse along the column straight drama of Karl-Marx Strasse to Alexanderplein, left over the Spree, under the Brandenburg gate and right across the Tiergarten took only 32 minutes. It’s sunny and warm. Berlin has space and skies.

Lecture 2. The birth of bicrophonics.  I take us through the ten sonic bike works made since 2012. Not an app but free of the internet. Maps as scores. Different cycling possibilities demanding different routes, different economics in time and money creating different methods. Different atmospheres make different music. Solo or collaboration. Director or composer. Linear routes making linear narratives. Audience choosing path making timeless works.  The often overlooked necessity for not only reliable electronics, but their safe and rigorous installation, eg.tic tac boxes strapped on with cable ties are not enough, and as ever, now that you’ve made it, you need to learn how to play it. Remember how long that takes.

It’s all very simple and somehow fascinating.

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