Finding Song Home: June FINAL MONTH 

 In 2016, Brussels, Finding Song Home, La Monnaie, Q-O2

OPEN to ride now till end of June 2016 Brussels. FREE.  WHERE?

Finding Song Home is mapped between the central streets of Brussels and the Moroccan neighbourhood of Molenbeek.

It was made with Brussels residents and raises questions of borders, nations and birthright.  With seven true stories, 13 other soloists, two choirs, instrumental and electronic accompaniments layered through the shifting streets, there’s a lot to discover.

There are also eight new sonic bikes we made in Brussels and two are for children. Booking advised if you are more than two riders.

To ride the piece, go to the Booking Office at La Monnaie de Munt opera house, study the map, leave an ID deposit, sign out a bike and pedal away.

Avoiding the cobbled streets and going straight on but turning when you hear the indicator sounds should keep you to the audio linked streets. Let your ears guide you ~ explore!

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