one last ride

 In 2017, Dublin, Dublin Science Gallery, Ya slip ta bang

I’m again impressed with the accuracy of the GPS. The indicators are all in – many re-adjusted to bang in earlier allowing for tricky traffic negotiations – but successfully sounding which way to turn.  Am also needing to deal with the Luas line roadworks which could all be gone by August, so the Dame St route home might work as the optimum version to take. Mia’s final text certainly sits well along the impersonal and human scarcity of Fleet St to Townsend, alone, intense and clear. So it’s been a three full rides day and I’m exhausted. On the last ride, when I could finally say that the piece was finished I’m arriving back at SG going,  ‘ wow.. now that’s a movie… god, it’s sad ‘, then wondering is that a bad thing? But the opening sounds play again just as I arrive at the T-lights and their pitch and pattern give a lift and a space and a reflection of optimism.  They weren’t placed there for that purpose at all.  Ah the delights of bicrophonic composition.

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