can an organ work outside of a church space ?

 In 2018, Kunstmuseum, Magdeburg, On golden hares

I had another day with the Walloner organ this week which was concluded with the kantor coming in to do his evening practice. He gave me a few tips, my favourite being turning off the power whilst still playing. Not only creates gorgeous descents in pitch but other sounds appearing from nowhere. Almost like winning at the slot machines.  Now with 2 days of organ recordings plus Magdeburg street I’m in the studio assessing through a rigged up bike audio system. What is the sonic core and concept behind this piece? (could be worth remembering early thoughts when first visiting Magdeburg.)

To release this instrument from the confines of religious spaces onto the streets of Magdeburg for all to hear will be a good thing. Sonically extraordinarily rich and malleable. Should be for more than church goers.

Question:  is it possible to create a new organ music that pulses and floats in shifting patterns through combining and removing different notes at different street corners from a small sound system moving through space? ie. can the rich variety of the organ be realised on the street away from the extraordinary acoustics of the church space?

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