I did that ?

 In 2018, Ispod Fontana, Zagreb

Rebecca is writing a monologue imagined around the homeless woman she’s got to know who hangs around college. Vanessa didn’t manage to record her Mum. She doesn’t get home from work till after 10pm. Kristina has made recordings of herself singing you tube cartoons they all know. She has a beautiful voice and she’s recorded it brilliantly. I’m impressed how relaxed they are in front of the microphone. Monika is playing the grand piano in the big room. We set up a stereo pair, put up the lid and find the best spot. Vanessa comes to get involved and I leave them playing and recording each other. I’m showing Valentina fast editing keyboard commands and the joy of careful time stretch. I’m also hearing great things from the piano room.

M and V come and download their piano efforts and we listen. It’s great. Monika has a light and delicate touch. Inquisitive notes following patterns she sees on the keyboard. It’s full of space. Vanessa is totally different. She crashes around, making tunes she rolls over and over, loads of fingers joining in getting louder and louder. When I listen alone later, I realise they both lose concentration after about three minutes. Cutting in some space on Monika’s and harmonising Vanessa’s gives great results. Neither of them have played before.

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