bicrophonics score for Zagreb complete

 In 2018, Ispod Fontana, Zagreb

I’ve been riding the city all weekend with great results. I discovered a wide quiet path amongst trees and houses swinging up through a street of regular shops and people and blocks of old flats then narrow behind tiny gardens squeezing between the School of Mechanical Eng. & Naval Architecure and a real fighter jet and the modernist steel clad Library up on the left then out into trees and wide roads and an easy bike path north up the Miramarska past corporate glass offices and the oceanic noise of the Vukovara highway picking up April’s route past the Botanical gardens and Opera house and back to the Greta gallery start.

The girls download and edit too.  It’s the last day together until we open in April. We agree the new route is much better as it brings most of the different spaces into the ride. We discuss the title again over more coffee and more smoking.  No more fountains is not good but Under the fountains works. In Croatian it’s  Ispod fontana.  I reckon that rings.

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