Sonic kayak sonification project 2

 In 2020, Environmental Bike, FoAM, Sonic Kayaks
I have gathered sounds I think we can use to communicate change within either the air or the water. For the air selection I propose bats, dragonflies and cuckoos. Although we have agreed that birds are out of bounds, cuckoos seem acceptable as they have this synthesized and digital quality to their sound plus it’s regularity. Flies and mosquitoes we also ban as they sound too full of doom. For water/turbidity, I propose frogs and have gathered a swathe of variety from the solo to the many. I have one recording from Thailand that has super high frequency singing insects as well as frogs, and when later a drum joins in, it gives us the clue.

Let’s use the beat of a drum to signify the temperature change, with frogs to do turbidity and maybe the high singing insects for air. Hmm…although the bats and dragonflies are still pretty interesting.

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