… meanwhile, Sukandar connects the air pollution sensor

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I have finally connected the AQ sensor to a Teensy and written some code to readout the data.  (we are mainly interested in the PMC2.5 and PMC10.0 concentrations as these are the ones used to determine air pollution by the WHO.)

Here’s a typical data readout with the sensor on my desk:
PM1_0_SP        9
PM2_5_SP        11
PM10_SP         11
PM1_0_UAE       9
PM2_5_UAE       11
PM10_UAE        11
Dia0_3          1650
Dia0_5          446
Dia1_0          68
Dia2_5          2
Dia5_0          0
Dia10           0

All parameters fluctuate quite a lot, but maybe that’s just the baseline noise in a “clean” environment and will not be relevant once out on the streets. e.g. Dia0_3, the most sensitive one, showed values between 1400 and 2300 just sitting on my desk, and even putting it in a box brought down the upper limit only to about 2000. For in-door testing I had heard that candles create quite a lot of fine particles, but none of the parameters reacted in a meaningful way :(.
Only when I blew out the candle and the smoke entered the sensor I got a spike – this however was quite a dramatic one, saturating both Dia0_3 and Dia0_5

The lag I observed was about 20s to reach baseline levels again after this spike. If you add extra nozzles or wind-shields etc. I suppose this value will be even higher. So I guess just going from a busy street into a side-street will not give you much perceptible response. You probably need to enter a park to get something meaningful…  But that’s just speculation at the moment.

The important thing at this stage is confirming that a nozzle of some kind to direct air flow will be necessary. And the optimum way to do this will be after making a swiveable nozzle that we can aim in different directions from the sonic bikes box.  July Environmental Bike Lab work, here we come.

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