In 2020, Nuremberg, one river six tunnels

I am leaving Nürnberg with a very different sense of the city I first visited in June. The tunnel recordings with everyone and bridge recordings with Alex are brilliant. Using the Tunnel’s stories located will also make a clear thread onto which to hang the body of the material. It should also give a clear way into the piece as a composition for the widest ranges of audience. ie. so that it could be more than just a bunch of ….‘ ooo such fun sounds coming out of the bicycle as I rode along love !’. There have also been other things like the discovery of the Russian nuclear physicist, Andrei Sakharov behind the Blue Rider sculpture, the secret life of executioner Herr Franz Schmidt and then Theodor Heuss, the first prime minister of the Federal Republic of Germany after the war. Not forgetting the inspiring meeting with Alex, Silja, Alessia and Ina. Thanks all. A great week.

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