Enviro Bike redesign

 In 2021, Development, Environmental Bike

The redesign of our Enviro Bike kit is almost complete. Here’s the first of 10 that Sukandar has finished making.

New features include:

  • a new perspex lid so that all hardware is visible rather that hidden away
  • a shiny metallic box to house everything in
  • super easy quick access clips to open it up
  • new smoother on/off switch to power down the Pi safely
  • a more secure socket for the air pollution sensor
  • bigger battery power packs for longer running
  • front and read handles for easy attachment to bikes
  • and a new and improved air pollution data logging system

This first kit is ready for a Pure Data software development session with Federico next week

Enviro Bike kit - metalic box with clear lid showing electronic hardware inside

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