Air pollution composition development

 In 2021, Development, Environmental Bike, Pd workshops

The Enviro Bike team gather to develop new compositional possibilities in Pure Data for our air pollution sonficiation. Federico and Kaffe in Berlin, Lisa zooming in remotely from London due to covid.

We kick off our development week with ideas: sonic trees that might unfurl from sustained data states when the air doesn’t change, new more complex ‘beepers’ to compose with, live data conversion into rolling averages to align with government targets, data ranges or air states to compose for, and much more…..

Before we get stuck into the pd work, Federico gives Kaffe and I a Git hub tutorial to recap on how to push and pull work –  between us and the bikes. Then the pd work begins … Federico developing new pd modules in his MoSo Enviro Bike system, Kaffe and I exploring these and testing out how to compose with a new fancy beeper module.

Fede on an Enviro Bike - a white man with headphones standing with a yellow bikes with speakers and rear box


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