Air pollution composition development II

 In 2021, Development, Environmental Bike

At the end of an intense but great week we have a load of new pd modules for air pollution data composition.

In addition to our synthesis patches for audio samples (for speed, panning, granular synthesis, pitch, volume, etc), our ‘trigger’ module that plays files only over a data threshold, and our simple sine tone beeper, we now have:

  • New Beeper Module: with sine, square and sawtooth waves plus harmonics and resonance to play with.
  • Range control: An audio gate and data min & max controls to create data ranges that we can compose for. Our patches can now have different sonic responses for different ranges of air quality.
  • Tempo variations: to expand on our tempo set by data that reads every second, our Interpolator Module sounds out the increases or decreases between these two points. Plus we also have a way to delay the 1 sec trigger by a fraction of a second.
  • Spike control: when the data spikes (E.g when a smoker passes by) our Audio Gate module can now hold our audio response even after the data has plummeted back down to usual levels – so that the sonic response can last for longer that a couple of seconds and be more obvious to riders.
  • Detailed synthesis controls: a new add-on function gives us more control to adjust the speed and start point etc of audio files in our LFO module.
  • Volume mixer: for easier volume control over our quickly expanding patches that contain numerous modules.

What an amazing week with brilliant pd development to our MoSo system by Federico.

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