Clouds, moss and birds falling from the sky

 In 2021, Environmental Bike, Middlesbrough, No scent or colour

Our sonic development week had to begin with some remote studio time before we could go to Middlesbrough. Kaffe quarantining in London after her arrival from Berlin, Lisa at home on the other side of London, connecting via our Whereby video room. 

We started making our collaborative work by exploring the new compositional possibilities that our pd development (last week with Federico) opened up. We set an aim for the work – to try to make one big pd patch combining elements of both our sonficiations, a ‘Mama’ patch that all the bikes can play.

We also had the Voice Bike script that we began at Lisboa Soa festival last September – our future human guide who accompanies riders. A script we’ve been editing and developing over the past couple of months, adding in our research and conversations about pollution – from clouds and moss to birds falling from the sky.

After 3 days of much sonification and text editing we’re finally on our way to Middlesbrough, zipping in first class luxury up north.

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