Day two with Summer Games

 In 2015, The Summer Pedalling Games


Day Two of the Summer Pedalling Games and it couldn’t be different. Sunshine, we’re at the south end of the park by Broadway market and we’re better at handing out bikes with all the signing and info and talk that goes with it. The bikes are in demand immediately and visitors often have to wait. More than 150 ride and the enthusiasm that spreads breeds talk around space and sound and performance and architecture and gentrification and biking slowly and biking as floating through space and set design and colour and listening and in the park and out of the park and film making. We also gratefully receive generous feedback on subjects such how to give info to the public. By 6pm we’re wrapped and sit in the park to discuss this very subject too. eg. we could have had a sign saying:
“Take a bike & cycle around the park. Each bike has it’s own soundtrack. Cycle around the park to trigger the different sounds. Here’s a map of where the bikes sounds and musics play.. if you want to hear them all.”  I think we’ll be better at it next time.. eg. The Autumn Pedalling Games ?

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