a visit to Timelab, birthplace of the yellow team

 In 2015, Brussels, Development, The Swamp that was

swampvisitKaffe has been invited back to Ghent.  Timelab are celebrating and have invited sonic bikes to join, remembering “The swamp that was ..” and the creation of the 12 yellow sonic bikes there in 2012. What a stride that was for everyone. The use of Beagleboards, the meeting of Dave Griffiths and FoAM, the labour of Kurt Van Houtte and timelab people to install hardware and more on 12 yellow Ghent city bikes, and the patience with Kaffe who was meeting JSON files, micro SD cards and Linux for the 1st time. Of course, the driving support from Eva and Evi at Timelab and Vooruit made it all possible.

2012 must have been a long time ago. On arrival, Ghent station is unrecognizeable and there’s a strange feeling of loss as the cab hurtles past a street central in the ..Swamp score which is now demolished and under re-construction for fancy apartment blocks. Ah Lederberg.

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