action bike rural to #COP21

 In 2015, Development, London, Long bike rides, time to cycle

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.55.06 On November 1st, we decided to join the London to Paris bike ride organised by time to cycle to contribute to #COP21 actions. Why? A realisation that acting around this essential moment had to be a priority if we could make it work. Sonically, it would also be an ideal opportunity to try out alternative lightweight sound systems for long distance (5 days riding to Paris),whilst experimenting with different audio materials for accompanying cyclists and landscapes shifting through the French countryside. Our projects so far have been largely contained within cities so this journey will also be valuable research for BRI development planned for 2016.

Speaker set up 1 is a pair of mini rigs mounted across the back seat, see above, and a sub on carry rack.

Bike is a 2nd hand lightweight touring bike. Dawn departure tomorrow. Excited.

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