rode up & down dale, got lost, very wet, fell off

 In 2015, Development, time to cycle

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.22.47 So we rode up & down dale on & off road, got lost, very wet, fell off. It was incredible & somehow not hard. Along the way we played various pieces of experimental music and found that our companions enjoyed anything if it had either a discernible rhythm or good tune. Ethiopian groove was perfect gliding through the surreal drab of Gatwick airport and various minimal German electronica ideal  along the muddy are we lost off road moments. Camaraderie, great vegan food, thank you – dry clothes on arrival in Brighton and a huge warm floor for us all to sleep on. Then we’re up  before dawn & riding only 23km to Newhaven for a 4 hour ferry to Dieppe, although we have to have a take down the flag moment before we embark. Needing to keep the authorities sweet at every moment. #COP21

Audio-wise, there is an issue. The bouncing bike = bouncing speakers, especially off-road, is causing speaker disconnection producing brutal glitch noise and cut off. Can’t slow the ride to stop to fix, cant fix whilst riding as speakers are mounted behind. A design problem in both.

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