new speaker bar design

 In 2016, Berlin, Development, Professorship, Sensory Bike (bicycle instrument), TU

9am and I am at the Berliner Lastenrad Netzwerk, Alt-Treptow with founder Christophe Vaillant. The BLN is a social project that designs and builds cargo bikes by recycling discarded/donated/broken bikes in different projects all over the city. I met Christophe 2 weeks ago and we have a plan to make a sonic cargo bike later in the year, but are first meeting to design and build a speaker bar for our Berlin Sonic bikes. Looking at models we’ve used so far, we come up with the above approach which a couple of hours later, in bright summer heat is made. How to attach the speakers to the bar though is not so straightforward. We have several options and retreat to research alternatives.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 18.27.23

Super inspiring to have hooked up with such a project. Sonic bikes in Berlin are beginning to look as if they really will grow their own strand.

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