Thursday 30th June

 In 2016, Berlin, Development, Professorship, Sensory Bike (bicycle instrument), TU

Bicrophonic Discoveries Berlin – Kaffe Matthews in conversation at ausland

Territory for experimental music, performance and art | Lychener Straße 60, 10437 Berlin

A good evening at ausland where I present the ideas behind bicrophonics through discussing a need to make public art and the resultant compositional discoveries made through a multitude of contexts over 8 years of sonic biking.  Just as I’m moving to the specifics of now making more ‘playable’ bikes for riders, ie. sonic bike instruments that will play from how you ride rather than where, Sukandar rolls in on our new sensor bike #1, elevating the night to a state of high excitement as the bike granulates, flanges and scratches fat sounds, snapping through filters from brake control as he rides. Brilliant. We are inspired and continue to discuss how can these bikes be made, where can we use them, and who wants to make for them. Do get in touch.

Four of these new sensor sonic bikes will stay in Berlin.

Kaffe Matthews is DAAD Edgard Varèse Guestprofessor at the Audio Communication Group at the Technical University Berlin.

die Reihe: Contributions to auditory art and culture  is an event series of the Audio Communication Group at Technical University Berlin and the Master’s program Sound Studies at the Berlin Career College at Berlin University oft he Arts. |

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