Vibrator Bike make week

 In 2016, Buzz Bike, Coventry, Imagineer

I’m in Nick’s workshop in Warwick. It’s massive. He makes bots and interactive flying things for Jurassic park and Star Wars and Jaguar when he’s not making sonic bike extras, so it’s a precious week. First thing he shows me a development idea on design MKI inspired by the below. By lifting the box and moving it forward, we can remove the small front wheel which will also solve steering issues we’d already discussed on the phone last week. Also it means there’s more room to increase the length of the box itself.

We also make and test a plan for powering the audio system. As we’re restricted on time and budget we need to work with what we have to make our prototype by Friday. Good news is that our Day one tests are successful. The MOTU is powered by an invertor running from a 12V battery which plays oscillating basses to a Kenwood 350W bicrophonic car stereo amp which perform the sound through 2 x 25W bass transducers which are screwed to a wooden workbench which vibrate Nick nicely.  Day one kicks off to a good start.

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