day one – buzz bike completion

 In 2018, Buzz Bike, Coventry, Development, Imagineer

Back in Coventry at Imagineer Technologies to complete Vibrator Bike – having bowed to popular demand, now renamed buzz bike.

Nick and Kaffe agree that the list of requirements for its completion in this order comprise:

1. making it rideable – ie, seat, handlebars, pedals, chain, breaks and gears.

2. agree design for entry exit at the front of the bike.

3. cut 18mm and 12 mm marine ply to replace too flexible 6mm and 9mm used in sept 2017 prototype.

4. create buzz bike seat. option 1. build version developed from prototype or 2. buy wide fat bike seat underneath which transducer to be fitted.

5. audio. Kaffe still wanting to work with eight channel output if possible. we have 4 minirigs and 4 transducers:

the minirigs on top of the box, one pair facing lying passenger/cluster of kids inside the box, one pair at the back of the box facing cyclist.

transducers underneath box, two mapped to lying body- calves and butt, the third behind angled back rest and fourth under cyclist bike seat.

a.k.a. Sonic bed on wheels?


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