Magdeburg spaces : day two

 In 2018, Kunstmuseum, Magdeburg, On golden hares

The special bonus to this project is the commitment by the Kunstmuseum to sonic bikes. They’re not using the BRI’s but are going to build at least four of their own, meaning that post this exhibition, their bikes can be used by others to make new works. Also, we’re building these ones with the hope that we can transform them into sensory bikes for 2019.

However, day two here and I need to get a basic understanding as to where and how it’s cycleable.  A city of architectural contrasts I want to include, yet there’s also the river Elbe, (salmon?), the park,  plus a huge green island inc. DDR built radio/tv building around which the Elbe flows.  Also, I’m keeping a restriction on duration of ride being 30mins.

Also, the completion date is too soon, 24.6.18.  Good. Restrictions.






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