Magdeburg sounds and mapping Two

 In 2018, Kunstmuseum, Magdeburg, On golden hares

I’ve been here three days now, walking and listening and meeting and recording the people and the varieties of fountains and spaces inside and out that have jumped at me here. The early morning electrics of the trams North up the Breiter Weg are not bad. The big cross roads with Ernst-Reuter Allée too but there’s so much car traffic. In fact it’s noisy everywhere with the addition of continuous construction of new buildings and repair of old ones and the streets. Street cleaners, mobile phone talk, music, rubbish collectors, eating, church bells , drainage systems and the carillion. Somehow the quietest thing has been the long line of older people waiting for the Spargel seller to arrive this morning. They were there silent from 7.30am and she didn’t come till 9am.  It’s the season for the fat white variety that’s only any good if its been picked that morning apparently.

I’ve also solved the issue with the length of the route yet how to include the spaces it needs. So the score is in place. However,  it’s sonic guts still elude me. Time to get out of here, visit my recordings in the studio next week and see what comes.

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