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 In 2018, Kunstmuseum, Magdeburg, On golden hares

Yes stereo recording has to be all about listening. Your equipment, recording box inc. microphones are your instrument. Not just a tool. Yes we know all this and the reality of putting it all into practice is the life of the sound recordist. Although I’ve been working with sound that I’ve recorded for more than 25 years, I’ve never really been shown what to do. Like so much of my practice, I’ve learned by doing it, working with the results and then picking up all kinds of techniques along the way. The week with the #murmurations people then, many of whom have extraordinary experience or knowledge acquired through contemporary education, was brilliant. I am loaded with new and accurate information, not just opinions, so 3 more days with the Walloner organ since the trip has seen me find new ways of recording it.  Having also spent more time with my previous recordings, then coming back to the play whilst always thinking on the street, moving bicycles #bicrophonics,  I now have a quite different mic position.  Its directly behind me,  just off centre to the organ, pointing more towards the left hand (bass end) pipes. (surprisingly)  But, this is where the mics best pick up the different resonances and beatings that happen at varying modulations of pitch and frequency.

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