the Walloner kirche organ

 In 2018, Kunstmuseum, Magdeburg, On golden hares

Acquisition of knowledge makes you seek more. With clearer recording ideas, I’m suddenly in search of a theoretical understanding of this organ I am now wanting to play every day. LO – I find this.    AH – so these names on the stops actually mean something precise in pitch addition, not just timbre ? I’ve been working so much with the details of the inbetween this had slipped my obviously stupid oversight.  Interesting how many people would have gone for this approach immediately. I’m sure I would save a lot of time if I took this approach, but what would happen to the result if it is created through the mind rather than the time with the sound and the physical play? Now knowing exactly what these harmonic combinations are, my ancient and somewhat shaky classical music theory is raising its troublesome head though.  Oh no,  or is it oh yes?  ..  off down a worm hole

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